Lake Forest Management
Lake Forest is managed by a professional property management company, Guardian Association Management, under the guidance of the elected Board of Directors.
The Board consists of seven individuals, six of whom are elected by fellow property owners and one who is appointed by Centurion American, the owner of the 20-acre office tract. All resident Board members are volunteers, experienced in disciplines that include law, accounting, engineering, commercial real estate and finance.
The directors elected by property owners serve two-year terms, with one-half completing their term in odd-numbered years and the other half completing their term in even-numbered years.  Election of directors is held at the annual meeting of property owners, which occurs in November.
Much of the activities conducted for the Lake Forest Community Association is done in committee.  Like the Board members, our resident volunteers are experienced in such disciplines as accounting, law, finance, journalism, engineering, commercial and residential real estate, non-profit management, photography, public relations, and many others.
Current Committees: