FAQ - New Residents
Welcome to Lake Forest! Here are some of the questions residents commonly ask. If you don't find the answer to yours, please contact Rebekah at Guardian: rsmall@guardianam.com 
1. How do I get my tolltags programmed into the gates?
Complete the Tolltag Form and return it to Rebekah.
2. How do I give my guests and contractors access to Lake Forest?    
Complete the Contact Information Form and return it to Rebekah at Guardian*
Go to DwellingLIVE to enter your guest or contractor’s information.
*You must turn in your Contact Information Form to login to DwellingLIVE
Call the gatehouse to inform the gate attendant about the guest or contractor’s arrival.*
Hillcrest Gate: 972-387-0592 (Main Gatehouse)
Estates Gate: 972-387-0590
Pool Gate: 972-387-0591
Park Gate: 972-387-1203
*You must turn in your Contact Information Form for the Gate Attendants to take the information*
3. How do I get mailbox number stickers? 
Use this order form: Mail Box Number Order Form
4. How do I get a collar tag for the dog park (aka Central Bark)?
Complete this dog park registration form and send to Rebekah.
Send photos of the dog(s) to Rebekah.
Send vaccination records to Rebekah.
5. Where are the tennis and pickleball courts?
See Lake Forest map
6. Where is the pool?
See Lake Forest map
7. Where is Central Bark?
See Lake Forest map
8. Do the White Rock Trail and the Lake Forest walking trails connect?
No, you will need to go to Forest Lane at Park Central to access the White Rock Trail.
9. My email address changed, how do I get it updated in the website Directory?
The Lake Forest website Directory is maintained by each resident. Logon to the website, click on Your Profile, click Update Your Profile, there you will be able to update your cell phone, email address and your options for receiving messages from Lake Forest.

10. What is our pick-up day for trash and recycling?
11. When is bulk trash picked up?
The 4th Monday of the month; however, it is recommended that you call 3-1-1 in advance to insure that your bulk trash will be picked up. It is not uncommon for the City of Dallas to miss picking up bulk trash if it is not notified.
NOTE: The Bulk Trash policy changed effective July 2020 as follows. We recommend you visit the link provided by the city.
Effective July 1, the quantity of a monthly brush and bulky trash set out for residential Sanitation customers may not exceed 10 cubic yards. This is roughly the equivalent of 10 household ovens. Once per year a residential customer is allowed an oversized collection of up to 20 cubic yards, provided notification is made to the City the week in advance of the scheduled collection by contacting
Learn more about the new regulations online at CurbsideManners.com or call 3-1-1.
12. When will I receive my assessment (annual HOA dues) notice?
Assessment notices are typically mailed out in late November or early December.  Assessments are due on January 1.  Our CC&Rs provide for a 30-day grace period, which means that assessments are considered late on and after January 30, and subject to interest and late fees.

13. What is included with front yard landscaping?
Mowing, edging, blowing, pre/post emergents, fertilizers, bush trimming, and lifting of the tree canopy up to 8'.
14. Who is my Complete Landsculpture contact?
Keith Jenkins - Cell: (214) 490-4541 or lakeforest@completelandsculpture.com. Keith is Lake Forest's Landscape Manager for Complete Landsculpture.

15. When can I use the pool?
It’s open 24/7, year-round unless maintenance is underway. Residents may also request use of the pool for private parties, but they cannot restrict other residents from using the pool during that time. Here is the pool party request form.
16. What are contractor's hours?