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Lake Forest Community Association, Inc.

Suggested Qualifications for Members of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Lake Forest Community Association, Inc. (the “Association”) is charged with managing the affairs of the Association. Particular emphasis is placed on managing the Association’s fiscal affairs and, through the Community Manager, enforcing adherence to the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions imposed on all Owners within the Lake Forest subdivision. The Board oversees an annual budget exceeding $1 million and is responsible for managing the Reserve Fund to maintain balances sufficient to cover the costs of anticipated replacements and repairs to the numerous components of our common areas.

Currently, the Board meets five times a year on the first Tuesday of January, April, July and October and then immediately following the Annual Meeting for the sole purpose of electing officers. If necessary, the Board may conduct its business by Special Meeting, telephonic meeting or by consent obtained through electronic mail.

Any Owner who seeks nomination to the Board should be committed to attend each regularly scheduled meeting (absent emergencies or a medical condition which prohibits attendance). Board members should also be available on reasonable notice to respond to emails or requests for Special or telephonic meetings.

While any Lake Forest resident can place his or her name in nomination for a vacant Board seat, the following qualifications are recommended for Board candidates.

      1. Nominees shall be current in the payment of all assessments made by the Association and compliant in all respects with the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.
      2. Prior Association experience either through service on a Board sanctioned Committee or volunteer efforts on a major Board sponsored project;
      3. Familiarity with the rules and regulations for Lake Forest and a commitment to insure that they are enforced;
      4. The ability to read and understand financial statements;
      5. A commitment that service on the Board translates into making decisions that benefit all Owners, not a discrete few or group;
      6. Be willing to serve as a liaison to one or more Committees or Task Force of the Board of Directors.
      7. Be responsive in a timely manner to the requests of Owners;
      8. Provide guidance, where necessary, to our Community Manager, and be supportive of the manager’s role to manage the day to day business of the Association.